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FAW/ UEFA B Licence Re-Assessment

Price: £120.00

  • Location: Online Only
  • Course Start Date: 31st December 2024
  • This course can be started once purchased.

  • 986 spaces available


To allow a convenient opportunity for you to undertake a re-assessment, you will now have the opportunity to record this in your club environment.

You will be eligible for two further UEFA B licence assessment opportunities, following the three assessments you will have had on course. If you are successful in the practical assessment/assessments, you will be certificated as an FAW/UEFA B Licence holder for a three-year period from the final education day from the original course.

Coaches who do not meet the required standard after two further assessments will have to complete the whole of the FAW/UEFA B Licence course.


When registering for the re-assessment, you will receive an email with your allocated mentors’ details. It will be your responsibility to contact your mentor to confirm a date and time that the assessment recording will take place. This should be no more than 21 days after the date of registration.

A session plan is expected to be sent to the mentor via email a minimum of 7 days before the scheduled date of the assessment, which will allow your mentor time to review the session plan and provide feedback.


The assessment will mirror the OA3 and be 20 minutes in duration. During the 20 minutes, you should include a 10minute General or Specific practice, followed by a 10-minute Small Sided Game. The lead in practice will be determined by whichever score is the lowest on your previous assessments.

E.g. if you scored 12 on a General Practice and 10 on Specific Practice, you will be required to do a Specific Practice into a Small Sided Game.

The number of players to be used in the Small Side Game: 16-18.

The number of players to be used in a Specific practice: 12-15

The number of players to be used in a General practice: 8-12

The area size is to be no bigger than ¾ of the pitch

The assessment will require clear video and audio of the session, with the camera a minimum of 6foot above ground level.

Post Assessment

Following the assessment, the link will need to be sent to your mentor via email, within 48 hours of your agreed assessment date. Failure to do so will result in the assessment recording not being valid.

The assessment decision will be uploaded to your account within 21 working days of the link being sent and an email will notify you of when this has been added.

How to send the recording


You will need to create an account and Once the account has been created, select ‘Send Files Via Link’ and upload assessment. You will then need to copy the link and send this via email to your mentor.

(Please do not use the button ‘Send Link Via Email’)


You will need to create an account at Once the account has been created, select ‘new video’ and upload the assessment. You will then need to select ‘Copy Link’. Once this has been done, please email this link to your mentor.

Please note, you will not need to pay for a monthly account, as this requires limited access.


If your session has been done on Veo, you can send the link directly to your mentor.

If you are unable to do this type of assessment, please email