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FAW/UEFA C Licence - Colliers Park- Starts 2nd October 2024

Price: £500.00 / £200.00

  • Region: North East Wales
  • Location: Colliers Park
  • Course Start Date: 2nd October 2024
  • Course Time: 09:00 - 17:00 (Practical Days) & 18:00 - 20:00 (Online Webinars)
  • Application Closing Date: 27th September 2024

  • 2 days of practical
  • This course requires evidence to be submitted and approved before it can be started.

  • Course Dates

    12th October 2024 (Practical, 09:00)19th October 2024 (Practical, 09:00)
  • Webinar Dates

    2nd October 2024 (18:00 - 20:00)


(START-LINK) documents/21_faw_uefa_c_licence_faqs_branded_2023.pdf~FAW UEFA C Licence FAQs(END-LINK)

UEFA C Licence Criteria

To apply for the FAW UEFA C Licence, applicants must meet the criteria detailed below.

Essential Prerequisites

FAW C Certificate Youth & Senior or Level 2 equivalent.

FAW First Aid Award or FAW Football Emergency Aid,

FAW Safeguarding Award


FAW educated

Coaching in Wales

Resident in Wales

Born in Wales or have Welsh heritage


The FAW UEFA C Licence is the next stage of the FAW Coach Education pathway. The UEFA C Licence has been designed to support coaches transitioning from the FAW C Certificate by enhancing our FAW coaching tools and adding the tactical pillar to align with the technical, physical, psychological and social pillars developed through the FAW C Certificate course.


The FAW/UEFA C Licence will provide you with the opportunity to further explore our Welsh way principles of play and how they can be embedded into your coaching practices through the use of general practices and small sided games. We will also introduce you to the four moments of the game (Attacking, Defending and Transitional moments) to increase your understanding of our game principles and provide you with practical examples.


You will be required to attend 1x online webinar, 2x practical days and complete 1x eLearning task.

Post contact work is required in addition to an on course FAW/UEFA coaching assessment to achieve the FAW/UEFA C Licence.

Completion of the course will provide you with a pre-requisite to access the FAW/UEFA B Licence.

Continue Application

Please upload the evidence to the evidence section of your FAW Courses profile by no later than 12pm, 11th September 2024.

All applicants successful or unsuccessful will be informed of the FAW Coach Education Admissions Panel decision.

Discounted Rate

To receive the discounted rate, candidates must meet the below criteria:

Born or coaching in Wales &

FAW C Certificate holder or capped for Wales at u16, u17, u19, u21, u23 or Senior Level


No payment details will be requested until the admissions process has been completed.