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Our FAW/UEFA A Licence, Coaching Goalkeepers (Level Four), follows on from our FAW /UEFA B Licence, Coaching Goalkeepers (Level Three) course.

This course will support your development in game understanding and tactical knowledge through regular online modules, practical contact days and mentoring through our accredited tutors. Online modules will also be followed by personal assignments with an on-going assessment throughout the course duration.

The final stage of our goalkeeper coach education pathway is our FAW/UEFA A Licence, Coaching Goalkeepers. It gives coaches an understanding of how to apply modern methods of sports science and research. In addition to the course contacts listed there will also be sessions which are held in micro groups and at clubs, with the support of UEFA Qualified FAW mentors, these contacts will be devised once candidates are placed into their micro groups following the first course contact. Coaches are continually assessed on their theory and practical ability. This course prepares goalkeeper coaches for work in elite football.

The course pre-requisites are a Valid FAW B Licence, Coaching Goalkeepers (Level 3, or equivalent) along with an FAW/UEFA B Licence Outfield (Level 3, or equivalent) as well as a valid 1st Aid certificate and Safeguarding certificate.

The FAW reserves the right to refuse any applicant access to the FAW/UEFA A Licence Coaching Goalkeepers Programme if the applicant does not meet the required criteria.

We currently have no courses of this type available